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Our Vision

To be the most valuable trading partner for business owners.

About Bartercard

Bartercard is the world’s largest trade exchange that has been operating since 1991 with a trading value of over US$10 billion since inception.

As a global company, Bartercard has expanded through company owned operations and a franchise and license model. Bartercard currently operates in 5 countries.

The Bartercard model allows business owners around the globe to conduct business without the use of cash money. Businesses use Bartercard’s own digital currency as a way to conduct business that allows them to conserve cash as well as move excess stock, fill downtime and increase their customer base through the exclusive network of 35,000 cardholders across the 5 countries.

There are many reasons why businesses join Bartercard, some benefits include:

  • Attract new customers
  • Manage cash flow with an interest-free line of credit
  • Utilise excess stock and increase occupancy
  • Generate new business
  • Rewarding staff.
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