Barter Assist

Welcome to the Barter Assist information & application page. Barter Assist has been designed
to “do our bit” to support Australians during this most difficult time.

In these times, if we all band together & look at every way we can support each other,
we will make this time just a little easier for everyone.

Barter Assist Questions

What can i do with my T$1,000 trade dollars?

Your Barter Assist account will give you access to over 10,000 business’ around Australia that accept Bartercard trade dollars. You will be able to browse the directory online or through the mobile app & also be able to purchase online via our Marketplace.

How do i pay the business when I buy something?

Transacting is simple. Once your account is up & running, we will send you a “how to” guide to set your profile up. Once done, you will be able to pay a business online or in-store using your mobile device.

Do i receive my T$1,000 trade dollars straight away or over time?

Upon your application being approved you will receive one lump sum payment of T$1,000 trade dollars.

Do my trade dollars expire?

Absolutely not. Your account will remain active for as long as you have credit in your account.

Do I have to spend my trade dollars in one place?

Your Barter Assist account works just like your bank account. You will have access to an online activity statement to track your spending & you have the flexibility to spend with 1 or 100 business’. It’s up to you.

Criteria for Barter Assist

As there is a limited amount of funds that are able to be distributed for Barter Assist we want to ensure that those most in need are prioritised.*


  • Are you a permanent employee, casual worker or contract worker who has been stood down as a result of the economic downturn?
  • Are you a permanent resident of Australia?

Business Owner

  • Are you a business owner whose business had a turnover of less than $10 million per annum?
  • Are you a permanent resident of Australia?
*Disclaimer: In the event we detect those seeking to defraud our Barter Assist package, we reserve the right to request the full payment be returned in full either by supply of product and/or cash.
Application Form


Application Form